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Arecibo Radio Observatory, Puerto Rico
Where the SETI@home data is collected

Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Arecibo is the site of the world's largest single-dish radio telescope.
The huge dish is 305 m (1000 feet) in diameter, 167 feet deep, and covers
an area of about 20 acres. The surface is made of almost 40,000 perforated
aluminum panels, each measuring about 3 feet by 6 feet, supported by a network
of steel cables strung across the underlying sinkhole. It is a spherical reflector.
This resampled one-meter resolution color image of the Arecibo was taken by
Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite.
view 640x480
view 800x600
view 1024x768
view 1280x960
Installation instructions:
Windows: Right click on the image, then select "Set as Wallpaper"
MAC: Save image to your hard drive then select it as your background.

SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
"If it's just us, that seems like an awful waste of space."
Carl Sagan 1934-1996

Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Spot_E.T. Team Stats and Reports
Section 3 - Spot_E.T. SETI Team Members
Section 4 - Other Spot_E.T. BOINC Projects
Section 5 - SETI II Links
Section 6 - What is BOINC
Section 7 - BOINC Links - Add-ons & Misc.
Section 8 - BOINC version history
Section 9 - Web Rings
Section 10 - Contact Us
********** - Join our SETI team

Section 1

Section 1 - Introduction

What is SETI@home?
SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
(SETI). You can partcipate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

BOINC Projects Server Status

Our Team Message Server
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Team Message Board
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New live online BOINC help center
My id is mdbader2005.
Using Skype.

Great job. Our team hit 200 million in TC for SETI

Weekly Outage Notice - Every Tuesday around 18:00 UTC we (Berkeley/SETI) have a short outage to back up our database (and other system maintenance). The data servers and most web pages are offline during this time. The outage lasts 3-4 hours, and then there is a long period of "catch up" afterwards as the servers are swamped with backlogged requests.

BOINC SETI II hits 1,000,000 hosts (computers)

SETI Classic Shut down 12/15/05 - last work unit sent
SETI Classic Server Shut down - no more results accepted 12/22/05

We first formed over 14 years ago as a Classic SETI@home team.
We also participate in other BOINC projects:
o World Community Grid:
o BURP@home: Rendering 3D animations (Big and Ugly Rendering Project)
o Pirates@home: Test project for 'Interactions in Understanding the Universe'.
o Predictor@home: Investigate protein-related diseases
o Rosetta@home: Help researchers develop cures for human diseases
o SIMAP@home: Protein sequence comparison for support minifold biological research
o SETI@home: Look for radio evidence of extraterrestrial life
o Study climate change (CPDN)
o Einstein@home: Search for gravitational signals emitted by pulsars
o LHC@home: Improve the design of the CERN LHC@home particle accelerator
o PrimeGrid@home
o Sztaki DG (Sztaki@home): Find generalized binary number systems up to dimension 11
o uFluids@home: Simulation of two-phase fluid behavior in microgravity and licrofluidics problems
o SETI@home Beta: Test project for SETI@home
o The Lattice Project:
o BOINC Alpha:
o RALPH@home (Rosetta@home Alpha):
o BBC CPDN: Predict the earth's climate up to the year 2080
o Leiden:
o QMC@home - Quantum Monte Carlo:
o Malaria Control .Net:
o XtremeLab:
o Seasonal Attribution Project:
o HashClash:
o Chess960@home:
o VTU@home:
o Tanpaku:
o Rectilinear Crossing Number:
o Proteins@home:
o Rieselsieve:
o Spinhenge@home:
o ABC@home:
o ABC@home beta:
o Docking@home:
o Orbit@home:
o Superlink@Technion:
o Traveling Salesman Problem:
O Reversi:
o Yoyo@home:
o RND@home:
o Artificial Intelligence System:
XX BOINC projects

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27 countries

Team Information

We are an International team.
Finished 70th in SETI Classic in the top 200 teams overall and
2nd in the top 200 Small Company Teams.

Mike Bader - team founder
SETI@home member since 17 May 1999
United States
My SETI farm:
30 computers (32 CPUs) -
WindowsXP Home
WindowsXP Pro
Windows2003 Server
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Linspire 5.0 (Linux 2.6.10)
Ubuntu 13.04.1

BOINC version windows=6.6.18 linux=6.5.0
SETI enhanced version =6.03
SETI enhanced version (beta)=6.07
Favorite Utility - BoincView by Sebastian Masch
Favorite Utility - SETI@BOINCWatch by Son Goku
Favorite Unility - SETI Toolbar by Sharon Steiman

Account data
Pending Credit

Mike Bader @ BOINC Combined Statistics
Mike Bader @ BOINC Statistics for the WORLD!
Mike Bader @ The Knights Who Say 'Ni!'
Mike Bader @ BOINCStats
Mike Bader @ All Project Stats
Mike Bader @ Stats and Stones
Mike Bader @ Free DC

Section 2

Section 2 - Spot_E.T. SETI Team Stats and Reports

Team World Rank - All Teams
TC 70th out of 55,433 teams (Total Credit)
RAC 70th out of 55,433 teams (Total Recent Average Credit)

Team World Rank - Company Teams
TC 7th out of 38,469 teams (Total Credit)
RAC 7222out of 38,469 teams (Total Recent Average Credit)
Team US Rank - United StatesTeams
TC 7th out of 5,416 teams (Total Credit)

You can usually drill down deeper into most of the statistics reports, or sort columns etc.
** JOIN our Spot_E.T. Team **
Join this team (SETI II/SETI@home II)
Official - Spot_E.T. - team stats (SETI II/SETI@home II)
Report 1 - More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
Report 2 - More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats (site down)
Report 3 - More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
Report 4 - More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
Report 5 - More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
Report 6 - More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
More team stats
Even more team stats
Cross Project Team Stats
Our Team Web Site
Our SETI@home Team page (SETI@home I - Classic) (site down)
Top 200 Teams - Overall (SETI@home I - Classic) we finished 70th (site down)
Top 200 Teams - Small Company (SETI@home I - Classic) we finished 2nd (site down)

Section 3

Section 3 - Spot_E.T. SETI Team Members

332 Total Members
096 Active Members
187 Members with credit
Team Active Members

25 - Mike Bader - United States
SETI@home member since 18 May 1999
Account data

44 - Sue and Barb - United States
SETI@home member since 29 Sep 2002
Account data

Member has donated funds to SETI@home
(see link below to donate)

Section 4

Section 4 - Other Spot_E.T. BOINC Projects

Other Spot_E.T. BOINC Projects

-- SETI@home --

SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - SETI II/SETI@home team stats
Official SETI@home team Stats
Join our SETI@home team
SETI@home web site
SETI@home Message Boards
SETI@home Questions and answers

-- Einstein@home --

Click Here for Einstein@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Einstein@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Einstein@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Einstein@home team stats
Official Einstein@home team Stats
Join our Einstein@home team
Einstein@home web site
Einstein@home Message Boards

-- Predictor@home --

Click Here for Predictor@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Predictor@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Predictor@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Predictor@home team stats
Official Predictor@home team Stats
Join our Predictor@home team
Predictor@home web site
Predictor@home Message Boards

-- Rosetta@home --

Click Here for Rosetta@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Rosetta@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Rosetta@home team stats
Official Rosetta@home team Stats
Join our Rosetta@home team
Rosetta@home web site
Rosetta@home Message Boards
Rosetta@home Questions and answers

-- BURP --

Click Here for BURP SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - BURP team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - BURP team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - BURP team stats
Official BURP team Stats
Join our BURP team
BURP web site
BURP Message Boards

-- Climate Prodiction CDPN --

Click Here for Climate Prediction SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Climate Prediction team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - CPDN team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - CPDN team stats
Official Climate Prediction team Stats
Join our Climate Prediction team
Climate Prediction web site
Climate Prediction Message Boards

-- LHC@home --
Official LHC@home team stats
Join our LHC@home team

More SPOT_E.T. - LHC@home team stats
Click Here for LHC@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - LHC@home team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - LHC@home team stats
LHC@home web site
LHC@home Message Boards

-- Pirates@home --
Official Pirates@home team stats
Join our Pirates@home team

Click Here for Pirates@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Pirates@home team stats
Pirates@home web site
Pirates@home Message Boards
Pirates@home Questions and answers

-- uFluids@home --
Official uFluids@home team stats
Join our uFluids@home team

Click Here for uFluids@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - uFluids@home team stats
uFluids@home web site
uFluids@home Message Boards
uFluids@home Questions and answers

-- SIMAP@home --
Official SIMAP@home team stats
Join our SIMAP@home team

Click Here for SIMAP@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - SIMAP@home team stats
SIMAP@home web site
SIMAP@home message boards

-- PrimeGrid@home --
Official PrimeGrid@home team stats
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Click Here for PrimeGrid@home SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - PrimeGrid@home team stats
PrimeGrid@home web site
PrimeGrid@home message boards

-- The Lattice Project --
Official Lattice Project team stats
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The Lattice Project web site
The Lattice Project Message Boards
The Lattice Project Question and answers

-- Sztaki DG --
Official Sztaki DG team stats
Join our Sztaki DG team

Click Here for Sztaki DG SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - Sztaki DG team stats
Sztaki DG web site
Sztaki DG Message Boards
Sztaki DG Question and answers

-- World Community Grid (WCG)--
World Community Grid web site
World Community Grid Forums
World Community Grid Our Team
More SPOT_E.T. - World Community Grid team stats

-- SETI@home beta --
Official SETI beta team stats
Join our SETI@home beta team

Click Here for SETI@home beta SPOT_E.T. - team stats
More SPOT_E.T. - SETI@home beta team stats
SETI@home beta web site
SETI@home beta Message Boards
SETI@home beta Question and answers

-- BOINC Alpha --
Official BOINC Alpha team stats
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Click Here for BOINC Alpha SPOT_E.T. - team stats
BOINC Alpha web site
BOINC Alpha Message Boards
BOINC Alpha Question and answers

-- RALPH@home --
Official RALPH@home team stats
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RALPH@home web site
RALPH@home Message Boards
RALPH@home Question and answers

-- BBC CPDN --
Official BBC CPDN team stats
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BBC CPDN web site
BBC CPDN Message Boards
BBC CPDN Question and answers

-- Leiden --
Official Leiden Classical team stats
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Leiden Classical web site
Leiden Classical Message Boards
Leiden Classical Question and answers

-- QMC@home --

QMC@home web site
QMC@home Message Board
QMC@home Question and answers
Official Spot_E.T. QMC@home stats
Join Spot_E.T. QMC@home team

-- Malaria Control --

Malaria Control Message Board
Malaria Control Question and answers
Official Spot_E.T. Malaria Control stats
Join Spot_E.T. Malaria Control team

-- XtremeLab --

XtremeLab Message Board
Official Spot_E.T. XtremeLab stats
Join Spot_E.T. XtremeLab team

-- Seasonal Attribution Project --

Seasonal Attribution Project web site
Seasonal Attribution Project Message Board
Seasonal Attribution Project Question and answers
Seasonal Attribution Project Official Spot_E.T. stats
Seasonal Attribution Project Join team Spot_E.T. stats

-- Chess960 --

Chess960 alpha web site
Chess960 Message Board
Chess960 Question and answers
Chess960 Official Spot_E.T. stats
Chess950 Join team Spot_E.T. stats

-- VTU@home --

VTU@home web site
VTU@home Message Board
VTU@home Question and answers
VTU@home Official Spot_E.T. stats
VTU@home Join team Spot_E.T. stats

-- Tanpaku --

Tanpaku web site
Tanpaku Message Board
Tanpaku Official Spot_E.T. stats
Tanpaku Join team Spot_E.T. stats

-- HashClash --

HashClash web site
HashClash Message Board
HashClash Question and answers
HashClash Official Spot_E.T. stats
HashClash Join team Spot_E.T. stats


Riesel Sieve
Riesel Sieve web site

Spinhenge@home web site

Rectilinear Crossing Number

RCN web site

Cross-project statistics:
Combined Spot_E.T. BOINC Stats - report 1
Combined Spot_E.T. BOINC Stats - report 2a
Combined Spot_E.T. BOINC Stats - report 2b
Combined Spot_E.T. BOINC Stats - report 2c

Section 5

Section 5 - SETI II Links

SETI II Main Website Click Here

Participate Click Here

- Rules and policies Click Here
- Download Click Here
- BOINC Click Here
- BOINC Wiki Click Here
- Donate Click Here

About Click Here

- Technical News Click Here
- Server Status Click Here
- Bookstore Click Here
- Science Newsletters Click Here
- Science Links Click Here
- Sponsors Click Here
- Photo albums Click Here

Community Click Here

- Message Boards - Converse with other participants on a wide range of topics. Click Here
SETI@home science -
Life in the universe. radio SETI, and SETI@home's search for ET.
Number Crunching -
Credit, leaderboards, CPU performance
Cafe SETI -
Trade stories with other SETI@home users
- Questions & Answers - Get (or provide) advice about SETI@home Click Here
Platform-specific problems
Windows -
Installing and running BOINC on windows
Unix/Linux -
Installing and running BOINC on Unix or Linux
Macintosh -
Installing and running BOINC on MAC OS/X
General issues
Getting started -
Creating your account
Preferences -
Using preferences to fine-tune SETI@home
Wish list -
What features would you like to see in BOINC and SETI@home
Web site -
Issues involving the SETI@home web site
- Profiles - Tell other participants about yourself; include a picture if you like. Browse profiles of other users, including the 'User of the Day'. Click Here
- Teams - Team up with other participants. Click Here
- Web site & IRC - Links to web site and IRC channels about SETI@home Click Here
- Porting & optimization - Port SETI@home to, or optimize it for, your type of computer. Click Here
- Pictures and music - Logo graphics, wallpaper, sound, etc. Click Here
- Languages Click Here

Your Account Click Here

- Login Click Here
- Preferences Click Here
- Certificate Click Here

Statistics Click Here

- Top participants Click Here
- Top computers Click Here
- Top teams Click Here

Section 6

Section 6 - What is BOINC

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Networking Computing (BOINC)

BOINC language files

BOINC SETI@home Source Code
BOINC Source Code
CVS Repository

Documentation and Internals
Compiling BOINC software yourself
Account management systems
The BOINC application programming interface(API)
Applications and versions
Application debugging
Application debugging on windows
Applications development tips
Result assimulation
Starting BOINC automatically
Installing the core client executable(API)
Back-end utility functions
Installing the core client executable(API)
The BOINC command tool
Development and Debugging
Versions of BOINC
Software prerequisites
Building BOINC on Unix
Creating work on demand
File-based project statistics data
Data Structures
File Structures
Finite-state machine (FSM) structure
Controlling message from the core client
Client configuration files
Client configuration files
Core client command-line options, configuration files, and environment variables
Code signing
Communication Overview
Getting and building BOINC software
Compound applications
The project configuration file
Personnel and Contributors
Cross-project identification
Creating BOINC projects
Computation Credit
The BOINC database
File-based project statistics data
Database purging utility
Deleting files
Development information flow
The BOINC diagnostics API
Other sources of BOINC client software
Email lists
Example Application
Server-side file deletion
FORTRAN applications
Retrieving files
Retrieving file lists
The BOINC graphics API
Integrating BOINC projects with Grids
GUI Framework
Adminstrative web interface
Hierarchical upload/download directories
Dealing with numerical discrepancies/download directories
Host measurements
Host identification
Implentation notes
Overview of BOINC
Intermediate upload
The encryption utility
BOINC Logos and Graphics
Building BOINC clients and applications on Macintosh OSX
Standard Mac GUI installation
Automatic startup on MAC OS X
The make_project script
Participating in multiple projects
Configuring mySQL for BOINC
Which applications are suitable for BOINC?
Preferences override file
Project XML document
Project creation cookbook
Projects and applications
Python scripting framework - Database back-end
Redundany and errors
Source code road map
Porting and optimizing SETI@home
Client Scheduling Policies
Locality scheduling
What is a project?
Server directory structure
Server status XML export
Getting source code
Server status
Statistics Data
Web sites for BOINC Statistics
Aggregate statistics data
Stripchart data
Team types
Test framework for BOINC developers
Web and GUI translations
Trickle message API
Generating work
Releasing application versions
XADD - tool for adding database items
Data Server Protocol
Managing the project web site
Web remote procedure calls (RPCs)
Work distribution
Squid - HTTP 1.0 proxy - Unix
FreeProxy - HTTP 1.0 proxy - Windows
BOINC Message Boards
Papers related to BOINC

Section 7

Section 7 - BOINC Links - Add-ons & Misc.

BOINC add-on utilities click here

10 Frequently Asked Questions/Common Problems

Matt Lebofsky: SLog
Matts Blog

BOINC Email Lists
Email Lists

Transfer SETI@home Classic Account

SETI@home Classic User Info form
Get your Classic Info

SETI@home Classic Password
Get your Classic password

Create an Account
Create an Account

Via Wiki
BOINC Acronyms click here

BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Networking Computing click here
CPID - Cross-Project Identifier click here
STD - Short Term Debt click here
LTD - Long Term Debt click here
EDF - Earliest Deadline First click here
DCF - Duration Correction Factor click here
HDF - Highest Debt First click here
NWF - No Work Fetch click here
DRQ - Daily Result Queue click here
BURP - Big and Ugly Rendering Project click here
CDPN - click here
LAH - LCH@Home click here
SETI - Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence click here
SAH - SETI@Home click here
LHC - Large Hadron Collider click here
THC - ThermoHaline Circulation Model click here

BOINC Error Code click here
BOINC Scheduler click here
BOINC Error Message click here
BOINC Messages click here
Includes Error Messages, Project specific messages
BOINC Glossary click here

Section 8

Section 8 - BOINC version history

Allow see the Wiki on Version History of the BOINC Client software
click here
Current recommended version is 5.10.45 (windows/mac/linux)
Download here
major revision.minor revision.revision number
odd minor revisisons are test/alpha/beta
even minor revisions are production or released
versions are coded as:
boinc_4.05 12-Nov-2004
boinc_4.09 12-Nov-2004
boinc_4.12 12-Nov-2004
boinc_4.13 12-Nov-2004
boinc_4.14 13-Jan-2005
boinc_4.15 18-Jan-2005
boinc_4.16 19-Jan-2005
boinc_4.17 23-Jan-2005
boinc_4.18 24-Jan-2005
boinc_4.19 25-Jan-2005
boinc_4.20 08-Feb-2005
boinc_4.21 11-Feb-2005
boinc_4.22 17-Feb-2005
boinc_4.23 21-Feb-2005
boinc_4.24 23-Feb-2005
boinc_4.25 08-Mar-2005
boinc_4.26 10-Mar-2005
boinc_4.27 24-Mar-2005
boinc_4.30 11-Apr-2005
boinc_4.32 16-Apr-2005
boinc_4.35 28-Apr-2005
boinc_4.36 05-May-2005
boinc_4.37 06-May-2005
boinc_4.38 09-May-2005
boinc_4.39 12-May-2005
boinc_4.40 12-May-2005
boinc_4.41 14-May-2005
boinc_4.42 16-May-2005
boinc_4.43 25-May-2005
boinc_4.44 26-May-2005
boinc_4.45 07-Jun-2005
boinc_4.46 24-Jun-2005
boinc_4.47 28-Jun-2005
boinc_4.48 29-Jun-2005
boinc_4.49 29-Jun-2005
boinc_4.55 14-Nov-2004
boinc_4.56 05-Dec-2004
boinc_4.57 23-Dec-2004
boinc_4.58 09-Jan-2005
boinc_4.59 13-Jan-2005
boinc_4.60 20-Jan-2005
boinc_4.62 24-Jan-2005
boinc_4.63 01-Feb-2005
boinc_4.64 02-Feb-2005
boinc_4.65 03-Feb-2005
boinc_4.66 05-Feb-2005
boinc_4.67 12-Mar-2005
boinc_4.70 06-Jul-2005
boinc_4.71 14-Jul-2005
boinc_4.72 22-Jul-2005
boinc_5.1.1 30-Aug-2005
boinc_5.1.2 07-Sep-2005
boinc_5.1.3 09-Sep-2005
boinc_5.1.4 20-Sep-2005
boinc_5.1.5 29-Sep-2005
boinc_5.1.6 01-Oct-2005
boinc_5.1.8 05-Oct-2005
boinc_5.1.9 09-Oct-2005
boinc_5.1.10 10-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.0 10-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.1 10-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.2 17-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.3 xx-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.4 xx-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.5 27-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.6 31-Oct-2005
boinc_5.2.7 08-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.8 22-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.9 25-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.10 26-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.11 26-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.12 26-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.13 29-Nov-2005
boinc_5.2.14 04-Dec-2005
boinc_5.2.15 28-Dec-2005
boinc_5.3.2 06-Dec-2005
boinc_5.3.6 28-Dec-2005
boinc_5.3.15 27-Jan-2006
boinc_5.3.16 30-Jan-2006
boinc_5.3.17 02-Feb-2006
boinc_5.3.20 23-Feb-2006
boinc_5.3.21 24-Feb-2006
boinc_5.3.22 24-Feb-2006
boinc_5.3.23 01-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.24 06-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.26 14-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.27 17-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.28 21-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.29 28-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.30 29-Mar-2006
boinc_5.3.31 30-Mar-2006
boinc_5.4.0  10-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.1  11-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.2  13-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.3  13-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.4  17-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.5  21-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.6  24-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.7  28-Apr-2006
boinc_5.4.8  03-May-2006
boinc_5.4.9  05-May-2006
boinc_5.4.11  03-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.0  02-May-2006
boinc_5.5.1  16-Jun-2006
boinc_5.5.2  20-Jun-2006
boinc_5.5.3  21-Jun-2006
boinc_5.5.4  21-Jun-2006
boinc_5.5.5  01-Jul-2006
boinc_5.5.6  07-Jul-2006
boinc_5.5.7  12-Jul-2006
boinc_5.5.8  13-Jul-2006
boinc_5.5.9  26-Jul-2006
boinc_5.5.10  03-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.11  07-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.12  10-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.13  14-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.14  22-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.15  22-Aug-2006
boinc_5.5.16  24-Aug-2006
boinc_5.6.0   28-Aug-2006
boinc_5.6.1   01-Sep-2006
boinc_5.6.2   04-Sep-2006
boinc_5.6.3   05-Sep-2006
boinc_5.6.4   17-Sep-2006
boinc_5.6.5   02-Oct-2006
boinc_5.7.0   27-Oct-2006
boinc_5.7.1   31-Oct-2006
boinc_5.7.2   01-Nov-2006
boinc_5.7.3   xx-Nov-2006
boinc_5.7.4   xx-Nov-2006
boinc_5.7.5   14-Nov-2006
boinc_5.8.0   13-Dec-2006
boinc_5.8.1   05-Jan-2007
boinc_5.8.2   10-Jan-2007
boinc_5.8.3   16-Jan-2007
boinc_5.8.4   21-Jan-2007 
boinc_5.8.5   24-Jan-2007
boinc_5.8.6   26-Jan-2007 
boinc_5.8.6a  26-Jan-2007
boinc_5.8.7   30-Jan-2007
boinc_5.8.8   30-Jan-2007 
boinc_5.8.9   16-Apr-2006
boinc_5.8.10  16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.8.11  16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.8.12  16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.8.13  16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.8.14  16-Apr-2007 
boinc_5.8.15  16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.8.16  16-Apr-2007 
boinc_5.8.17  16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.9.3   16-Apr-2007
boinc_5.9.4   23-Apr-2007
boinc_5.9.5   01-May-2007
boinc_5.9.6   02-May-2007
boinc_5.9.7   04-May-2007
boinc_5.9.8   05-May-2007
boinc_5.9.9   07-May-2007
boinc_5.9.10  08-May-2007
boinc_5.9.11  16-May-2007
boinc_5.9.12  23-May-2007
boinc_5.10.0  01-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.1  05-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.2  05-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.3  09-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.4  10-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.5  12-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.6  13-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.7  16-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.8  23-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.9  27-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.10 30-Jun-2007
boinc_5.10.11 02-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.12 02-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.13 04-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.14 25-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.15 26-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.16 27-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.17 30-Jul-2007
boinc_5.10.18 14-Aug-2007
boinc_5.10.19 22-Aug-2007
boinc_5.10.20 23-Aug-2007
boinc_5.10.21 02-Oct-2007
boinc-5.10.23 16-Oct-2007
boinc_5.10.24 17-Oct-2007
boinc_5.10.25 19-Oct-2007
boinc_5.10.26 22-Oct-2007
boinc_5.10.27 24-Oct-2007
boinc_5.10.28 01-Nov-2007
boinc_5.10.29 08-Nov-2007
boinc_5.10.30 13-Nov-2007
boinc_5.10.31 19-Dec-2007
boinc_5.10.32 20-Dec-2007
boinc_5.10.33 04-Jan-2008 
boinc_5.10.34 08-Jan-2008
boinc_5.10.35 08-Jan-2008
boinc_5.10.38 16-Jan-2008 
boinc_5.10.39 24-Jan-2008 
boinc_5.10.40 05-Feb-2008
boinc_5.10.41 08-Feb-2008  
boinc_5.10.42 14-Feb-2008
boinc_5.10.43 26-Feb-2008
boinc_5.10.44 01-Mar-2008 
boinc_5.10.45 04-Mar-2008
boinc_6.1.0   05-Sep-2007
boinc_6.1.1   28-Nov-2007 
boinc_6.1.2   05-Dec-2007
boinc_6.1.3   07-Dec-2007 
boinc_6.1.4   13-Dec-2007
boinc_6.1.5   17-Dec-2007 
boinc_6.1.6   11-Jan-2008
boinc_6.1.7   17-Jan-2008 
boinc_6.1.8   30-Jan-2008
boinc_6.1.10  12-Mar-2008 
boinc_6.1.12  31-Mar-2008
boinc_6.1.13  07-Apr-2008
boinc_6.1.14  08-Apr-2008
boinc_6.1.15  15-Apr-2008 
boinc_6.1.16  21-Apr-2008
boinc_6.1.17  28-Apr-2008
boinc_6.2.1   02-May-2008
boinc_6.2.2   12-May-2008
boinc_6.2.4   19-May-2008
boinc_6.2.5   23-May-2008
boinc_6.2.6   29-May-2008
boinc_6.2.7   30-May-2008
boinc_6.2.8   20-Jun-2008
bonic_6.2.9   26-Jun-2008
boinc_6.2.10  26-Jun-2008
boinc_6.2.11  26-Jun-2008
boinc_6.2.12  08-Jul-2008
boinc_6.2.13  16-Jul-2008
boinc_6.2.14  16-Jul-2008
boinc_6.3.0   14-May-2008
boinc_6.3.1   15-May-2008
boinc_6.3.2   29-May-2008
boinc_6.3.3   06-Jun-2008
boinc_6.3.4   26-Jun-2008 

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