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Should I use my credit card on the Internet?
Is it safe?

What the Experts Say

Michael Busch, a writer for AVWeb, spent 3 years consulting for VISA International, and he says using your credit card on the Internet is safe.

But perhaps New York Times journalist Peter H. Lewis put it best - "Sending a credit card number to an electronic merchant over the Internet is probably the safest way to make such a transaction. In the last week, for example, I handed my credit card to a waiter who disappeared with it for five minutes. I faxed my credit card information to a

business in New Jersey, and the fax probably lay exposed to everyone in that office for hours and perhaps to the cleaning crew that night. I called a hotel and gave my card data to a reservation clerk and continued my recklessness by ordering some merchandise from a clothing catalogue, again by reading my credit card information to some unseen operator."

"Compared with the risk of handing my credit card to a stranger, which I do nearly every day, sending it over the Internet is pretty secure." (The New York Times, Nov. 13, 1995 C3)


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