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Last_Modified: Wednesday February 04, 2004

Public Relations On Behalf Of SETI


- To increase public awareness of SETI
- To increase public awareness of distributed computing
- To increase funding to SETI
- To provide participants with a method of getting their ideas across
- To provide the public with detailed but easy to understand information about SETI

Note: Any information provided will not be sold to any other company

Contact us:

Jeff Hammersmark - President
Scott Boolman - Vice President
Mike Bader - Vice President

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% Mike Bader
23205 Gratiot Avenue
Suite 408
Eastpointe, MI 48021-1641
586-573-7330 voice/fax

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Sponsors - SETI@home
If you'd like to become one of SETI@home's supporters, please click here.
Donations are fully tax deductable.
Corporations may become Sponsors of SETI@home with a minimum $10K (or equivalent in-kind) donation.
We are also interested in Corporate Participants willing to run SETI@home on their PC's.
For more info, click here.
SETI@home is sponsored by individual donors around the world.
The project is also sponsored by the Planetary Society,
the University of California, Sun Microsystems, Paramount Pictures,
Fujifilm Computer Products, Informix, Engineering Design Team Inc,
The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), Intel, Quantum Corporation,
and the SETI Institute.

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