Spot_E.T. Team Message/listserver Tips

by Mike Bader

Due to the volume of messages, in an attempt to assist those not
wishing to read everything, we will try to code the messages
so that you can easily filter them, and read only the topics
that you are interested in at the moment.
You can also read the messages via a web interface, or subscribe
in digest form.
You can filter all messages to a SETI folder from your inbox by
setting a filter using the message TO field being
Or you can filter some messages to be deleted or sorted into other
You would filter on SUBJECT.
Here are some topics and their usage:
[ann]   - Announcements    - New team members etc
[ot]    - Off Topic        - Not SETI@home related but may be of interest
[brag]  - Bragging rights  - SETI@home related or personal
[stats] - Statistics       - Daily member and team statistics
[news]  - News             - News from SETI@home
[woo]   - Member milestone - Recognize member milestones (as in Woo Woo!)
[tech]  - Technical        - Hardware/Software
[test]  - Test message     - for testing
[setiq] - SETIQueue        - Relating to SETIQueue
[boinc] - BOINC            - Relating to BOINC, Astropulse or SETI II
                             also see
Use the TO field being AND
the SUBJECT. Just in case you may receive other messages
using the same [topic] in the SUBJECT.

Contact me if you need assistance setting up filters, or have
suggestions for other topics.