History of Spot_E.T. Team

by Mike Bader

I started using SETI@home on May 17th 1999.
Our web site was started on 10-19-99.
It was setup to provide a place for links to SETI@home utilities,
links to areas within the SETI@home web site, and provide
our personal statistics.
We formed a team, sponsored by my company LAN Solutions Inc.
Slowly we added friends and associates.
We grew nationwide and then worldwide.
We are always looking for new members.
Currently having members in 23 countries.
Until we are now in the top 200 teams.
As well as the top 10 Small Company Teams.
Along the way we changed the name to attract more members.
We selected Spot_E.T. A play on words, using a dog (Spot) catching a
saucer as a logo and team mascot.
Our team has written SETI@home utilities.
We have assisted other SETI@home utility authors
in beta testing and enhancements to their programs.
We are a member of the SETI@home beta team.
And have contributed via donations to SETI@home.
We have a team listserver/message server.
We have a team SETIQueue server.
Also a team online chat.
We are testing a forum and a blog.
We belong to several Web Rings.
We are the owner of The SETI@home SiteRing at bravenet.com.
Recently we have discovered that members have processed signal candidate(s).
Our team is open to all individuals, companies, schools, clubs,
churches, organizations etc.
We have no quotas.
But do like to compare statistics and rankings, in a friendly way.
We often discuss topics other than SETI@home.
Our members are have experience with networks, security, hardware,
software and most SETI@home utilities.
It's great to have a mix of people from around the world,
and chat on a daily basis.
You can view our web site in seven languages.
We have members with various levels of expertise, from many
professions. Some with a single computer, others with large
SETI@home farms of computers.
I have grown my own farm to 40 computers.
I have built my SETI@home farm with Linux, Windows95, Windows98SE,
WindowsME, WindowsNT, Windows2000, WindowsXP, and Windows2003.