Checklist    02/28/04    revision 5

Adding Computers to My SETI Farm
team Spot_E.T.

Table of Contents.
Section 1 - New Workstation
Section 2 - Update Main Computer System
Section 3   Web Site Changes
Section 4   Web Server Changes
Section 5   Team Member Additions
Section 6 - Daily Tasks
Section 7 - Future
Section 1 - New Workstation
System check - Check cables, connectors, boards, RAM, dust free etc.
Add System RAM.
Add onboard cache RAM. (motherboard).
Check disk free space.
Assume new operating system install or optimize hard drive. (defrag).
Virus check the system.
Check Windows Startup folder.
Check system tray.
Run WinTop.
Screensaver off.
No wallpaper.
Check screen resolution.
Check power management settings.
Check Task Manager (Ctrl_Alt_Del).
Turn off task scheduler.
Check for antivirus software. (limit, turn off or remove).
Check for extra programs (WinModem,PCMCIA,Socket Services,Card Services).
Add common utilities (SpfPC etc) c:\util.
Add common batch files c:\bat.  mdb.bat used for SETISpy.
Add common SETI files c:\seti.
Add icons to windows startup folder and desktop.
Add MSCONFIG & WINIPCFG & WinTop to desktop.
Turn off new floppy disk drive search on startup.
Add irqNN=4096 to network card irq in system.ini [Enh386].
ProcessSwitch to normal priority. (seti.exe).
MaxMem load. and add to startup folder.
Change SETISpy settings.  Computer name and c:\seti\gif.
Change Clemail settings.  Computer name and message. To Alfred Das.
Add backup if it fails copy GIF files over network to main computer.
Run ICS (MS Internet Connection Sharing) setup disk.
Reboot and check that everything runs and connects.
Load cache with 9 work units.
Tuxtime - uptime
Windows patches

Section 2 - Update Main Computer System
Setup Share and map network drive.
Backup routine. add drive letter/network share.
Add to doit.bat to update c:\myseti\x.
Add to checkseti.ini.
Add c:\myseti\x directory. & myseti2\x
 on each system
Add to setick.bat.
Add to MultiSETI.
Add to clean.bat (SETISpy debug file removal).
Add workstation IP Address to trusted zone in firewall.
Add to log9x
Add WaterFall Pro
Add SpeedFan

Section 3 - Web Site Changes   (
Add computer to hardware section and computer count.
Upload to web via ws_ftp.
Copy HTML to local web server directories.

Section 4 - Web Server Changes (local server)
Check output from CheckSETI (statseti.htm and setistat.htm).

Section 5 - Team Member Additions
Topica invite/subscribe message. (listserver).
Add member statistics to web site.
Add milestone icon for member.
Add state if US or country to web site. (national and international).
Add country top 1000 if new.
Add member link to Quick SETI Links.
Announce to the group.
Send out a new Quick.htm

Section 6 - Daily Tasks
Check systems, upload results as needed.  (and standalone systems).
Create daily team reports.  SETITeam and web based.
Update web site member stats, milestones and rankings.
Check SETI main website for news.
Check SETI newsgroups for news.
Notify members of team news, milestones, SETI news and new utilites etc.
Post in newsgroups and post our website.
Recruit members (newsgroups, user of the day). Check their e-mail.
Check visitor stats to our web site.
Link back to new ones, sign their guestbook and trade links. (recruit).
Check our guestbook entries. (recruit).
Check SETI web site for new utilites.

Section 7 - Future
BIOS settings.
Windows registry patches.

Addendum -

Software needed:
SETI CLI - command line client.
SETISpy  - monitoring and stats.
SETIBuf  - wu cache (9 work units per computer).
Tweak98/ME - tweak windows98/me. ( twk98.exe
Belarc Advisor
WinTop - what's running.
lsi.bat to remove ad (oemlogo.bmp & oeminfo.txt).
CheckSETI - monitor workstations and create html.
MultiSETI - monitor workstations.
ProcessSwitch - set seti.exe priority to normal from idle.
MaxMem - Free up system memory. (

Batch files:
setick (copies *.sah files to c:\myseti for central reporting).
Note: push and pull files from computer as a backup if needed.
test -
loop   - push or pull needed files around the network.
update - moves files to local web server.
2disk  - copy files to diskette.
backup - copy critical files to other network drives.
copybest - copy latest user_info.sah around network
frompiii -
save - copy critical files to other network drives.
piii -
topiii -
quickie -
findgif -
heyal -
copyseti -
cleandbg -
csvclean -
bye -
hello -
cleancvs -
sharebat -
I elected to store 9 work units on each computer and allow
each computer to operate independent of a single network
connection or caching source.
In case of an Internet/cable modem failure or my own
local network failure.
I can return the results via a working computer or
I can connect via a modem,
or transfer SETI files via the network or diskette as a backup.
I have already built batch files for this situation.

Basic system uses Windows98SE.
Most of these items should work with other versions of windows.
This computer will be used for SETI.
It is designed for speed not security.
It will connect to the Internet as needed to obtain work units
and return results. As the system is a new install and virus scanned,
no antivirus will be running. If the computer is to be used for
e-mail or web browsing, anti-virus software should be used.
It would be a good idea to scan the hard drive once in a while
just in case. This can be done over the network.
Any software added at a later date should be scanned with the
latest anti-virus software first!

Disclaimer, legal stuff etc.
This is how I setup my systems.
I assume no responsibility for your hardware, software, SETI
performance, lost work units, or loss of sleep.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Mike Bader
team Spot_E.T.