The lazy man's guide to installing and starting SETIBuf

by Raymond J Hallquist

by Mike Bader

modifications by Mike Bader for WindowsME, WindowsXP, Windows2003 etc


I have found myself installing SETIBuf on many of my friends' computers.  What follows is the set of instructions that I use to set up SETIBuf in a 'simple' situation.   This document lacks any explanation of SETIBuf and its options.  If all the assumptions can't be met, then please use the SETIBuf documentation.  These instructions contain links to the required files, so keep this page open while doing the installation.



  1. UnZip SETIBuf into C:\ retaining directory structure
  2. If currently running the SETI@home client, then:
  3. Save SETILog 3.2 into C:\SETI
  4. Save Intel WinNT client into C:\SETI
  5. If a permanent internet connection is not available (as with dial-up users), then:
  6. Create a shortcut in the Startup sub-menu of the Start menu that executes C:\SETI\SETI.bat Cmd-1.  Execute it.  And follow prompts, if necessary