Last update: Tue May 6 15:04:49 2003 UTC

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Important information:
New users (blue highlighted) which would like to use the queue permanently please send an email to the queue admin to release the queue for continuous use. And, please return the WUs through this public queue to enable that SetiQueue calculates appropriate queue sizes (= stored WUs). Thank You!

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SETI@home Data Server Status is Currently UP
SETI@home Data Acquisition Server Status is Currently UP
SETI@home Current Splitter Tapes Status is Currently UP
Our Queue Server is Currently UP

Queue Status
SetiQueue Status: Server and Queue are operating normal
Queue last started: Tue May 6 14:30:00 2003 UTC
Current Users | Clients: 1 | 40
Queued | Pending WUs: 210 | 93 (= 30.7 %)
Disk Space used for WUs: 103.28 MByte
Today received Results: 4
WU flow in the last 14 days: 4 WUs total (= 1.36 MByte)
--> Average: 0.29 WUs/day (= 99.73 KByte/day)
Queue Setup
SetiQueue Version:
Min Queue Depth: 1.2 days
Max Queue Depth: 3 days
Max Low Priority Queue: 50 WUs
Obsolete Clients & pending WUs after: After 5 days without connect
Queue online: 11:00am - 10:59am
Connection: Cable Modem
Emergency Connection:
Queue Computer
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.67Ghz
Mainboard: Gigabyte 72XE
Video: ABIT Siluro T400
Memory: 768 MB
Harddisk: 80 GB
Total Disk Space used by SQ: 120.81 MByte
Operating System: Windows98SE

Do you like to use the queue?
No problem: Depending on how SETI@home is running on your machine the following setup is necessary: via
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